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In recent years, we have witnessed remarkable strides in the fields of life sciences and information sciences. These advances have unlocked the potential to elucidate the fundamental causes of diseases at the genetic and molecular levels—a feat previously regarded as quite formidable. Consequently, this has ushered in an era of rational and precision-driven drug design and therapeutic approaches. This includes early diagnostics, personalized medicine, and preventive healthcare, leading to the successful development of a substantial array of pharmaceutical products.
Yet, this heightened understanding of the intricacies and fragmentation within diseases has given rise to soaring medical expenditures and a reordering of development priorities. Regrettably, it has also exacerbated healthcare disparities, selectivity, and exclusion. For those at the forefront of drug discovery, one of the most paramount initiatives of this century is to engender innovations that are inherently inclusive, ensuring that therapeutic solutions reach a broader and more diverse population.
Established in March 2022, Crafton Biotechnology has embraced a profound mission. Our goal is to create pharmaceuticals that are both safe and dependable, harnessing our unique mRNA technology. mRNA-based drugs hold the promise of applicability across a wide spectrum of diseases, and they are distinguished by their remarkable "inclusiveness." This inclusiveness signifies that a single pharmaceutical can cater to the multifaceted needs of a diverse patient base.
We firmly believe in the extraordinary potential of mRNA drugs to transcend boundaries and divisions, both in healthcare and society at large. Our commitment lies in actualizing the concept of inclusive medicine and the embodiment of a singular therapeutic approach. Our mission is to extend our reach to a more extensive and varied patient demographic, irrespective of factors such as race, age, geographical location, or socioeconomic status. We are steadfast in our dedication to enhancing the health and welfare of individuals, guided by unwavering faith and conviction, and unburdened by conventional wisdom.

Crafton Biotechnology Co. Ltd. President and CEO  Shokaku Kim
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Corporate Philosophy

In pursuit of enhancing the well-being of individuals and contributing to the broader canvas of societal welfare, we are dedicated to the creation of pharmaceuticals and vaccines that are both trustworthy and secure, underpinned by our core proprietary mRNA technology. Our commitment extends to the realization of an "ahead-of-the-curve mRNA" through intricate structural design, the elevation of mRNA's performance and quality through cutting-edge platform technology, and the optimization of these technologies within the framework of manufacturing processes.
Leveraging our distinct technological prowess, we direct our efforts towards addressing diseases that have historically posed significant treatment challenges. This encompasses infectious diseases, rare genetic disorders, and the realm of regenerative medicine.


Company Overview

Company Name
Crafton Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Shokaku Kim
March 1, 2022
1 Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-0814, Japan
Nagoya University Incubation Facility, Tokai National University Organization
[Mailing Address]
# 401 4F Noyori Materials Science Laboratory, Nagoya University,Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8602, Japan
Primary Business Activities
Research, development, manufacturing, sales, and technology transfer of pharmaceutical products.
Establishment of Company
AMED-SCARDA "Program on R&D of new generation vaccine including new modality application"

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