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We aim to establish a comprehensive mRNA technology platform by incorporating cutting-edge technological advancements sourced from universities and research institutions. Through sustained collaboration, we intend to elevate this platform technology to a level of competitive excellence. Furthermore, rooted in the foundational mRNA technology developed within our company, we endeavor to expedite the delivery of therapeutic medications. This will be achieved through collaborative efforts with pharmaceutical enterprises possessing distinct strengths within specific areas of medical treatment.

Our Businesses
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    Collaborative Research Endeavors

    Our commitment lies in the pursuit of joint development for mRNA drugs and vaccines in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and esteemed universities, each possessing specialized expertise in distinct disease domains. Specifically, in the development of mRNA drugs, we must address the following pivotal considerations:
    ・The judicious selection of sequence design methodologies and Cap structures.
    ・An in-depth analysis encompassing double-stranded RNA, cap conversion rates, and more.
    ・Precise management of immunogenicity, enhancement of in vivo stability, meticulous attention to cellular and tissue selectivity, and dosage optimization.
    ・The construction of reaction systems aimed at augmenting transcription yield and purifying the product.
    To surmount these challenges, we leverage our proprietary technologies, including capsylation methodology, sequence design acumen, and synthetic techniques, all of which serve as the dynamic engine propelling our drug discovery efforts. Our ultimate goal is to resolve these complexities and engineer mRNA drugs that are not only safe but also exceptionally efficacious.

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    Status of partner response for each target disease
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    Other Considerations

    A plethora of intricacies resides within the intersection of pharmaceuticals and patient care. We firmly subscribe to the notion that true value in technology emerges only when it aligns with and caters to the needs of individuals. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to not only listen attentively to patients and their families but also to empathetically grasp their concerns.
    In our relentless pursuit to unearth the latent potential of our technologies and ensure they are tailored to meet the specific needs of patients, we are committed to a comprehensive approach. This approach extends beyond conventional collaborations with esteemed universities and pharmaceutical entities. We are determined to establish meaningful interactions with patients, their families, and relevant organizations, while concurrently spearheading a spectrum of diverse initiatives aimed at optimizing value creation.